ForeverGreen Scam Review

ForeverGreen Scam, a reasoned review of ForeverGreen, its products, compensation plan and leadership to help anyone interested in this company to make a wise decision about joining.

ForeverGreen’s products are designed to, as they state it, “The ForeverGreen product line, offers restoration support in the areas of Cardio, Immune, Weight Management, Beauty and Skin Care, Natural Energy, Physical Fitness, and overall General Health…”

This is accomplished through a variety of product lines such as LegaSea, a line of products using marine phytoplankton. This marine phytoplankton is grown on ForeverGreen’s own sea farm. Marine phytoplankton has many nutritional qualities and it would appear that it can have a very positive effect on a person’s health.

O3World, a weight loss line of products are produced with portion control and  nutrition in mind to help in the proper loss of weight and weight management.

The Smart Food brand, another line of products from ForeverGreen  includes Pulse™ Bars, Great Start breakfast cereals, clean 24 Karat SmartSaltz, the heart-healthy 24 Karat organic dark chocolate Teasers, ElectriFire, the healthy all-natural energy drink, and many more!

The product lines are rounded out with a line of essential oils entitled Truessence.

ForeverGreen Scam farfetched.

With the quality and variety of product lines, the notion of a ForeverGreen scam is far fetched.

The compensation plan has many of the standard fair of MLM and has a variety of ways to get paid, including bonus pools. There isn’t enough space here, or time to completely cover the compensation plan, suffice it to say it is not one of the best, nor is it the worst I’ve seen in reviewing hundreds of companies.

There are much better, more innovative compensation plans, such as the one from One 24, that pay better and favor the associate over the company. Even so, this does not indicate a ForeverGreen scam.

As to the leadership of this company, there is no question about the sincerity of Tom Harper and his daughter, Tiffany Haarsma and their passion for the health benefits of marine phytoplankton in the LegaSea products. This would translate across to the rest of the leadership team who have extensive credentials and experience.

ForeverGreen Scam is non-existent.

ForeverGreen scam? Absolutely not! This company is legitimate and would be a good fit for anyone looking for a company with nutritional based products. One caveat would be that there are tons of opportunities available with nutritional based products so the competition will be immense and with a weak compensation plan, this company may not offer the best opportunity for a home based business.

So, even though there is no ForeverGreen scam present, I would still be somewhat cautious about joining this company unless you had a strong affinity to marine plankton and what it can do for your health.

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