Ideal Health Scam. Don’t Be Fooled!

Ideal Health Scam. This reasoned examination will answer that question and help those looking at this opportunity decide if they can make money selling a vitamin and mineral supplement. Don’t join Ideal Health until you read this.

The products are pretty standard fare with one new wrinkle – urine testing. The Trump Network added this different approach to give them some space away from the other wellness products on the market. The claim is that by testing your urine they can determine exactly what your body needs in terms of supplements.

Without seeing the definitive research, I’ll hold judgement on whether this is sound science or just more mumbo jumbo to sell their brand of vitamins. Most vitamins are water soluble thus they will be flushed out of your system if they are not needed. Again, until research is offered, I’ll take a wait and see approach.

In terms of the compensation plan, all that is revealed about it on the Ideal Health web page is “the most generous, multi-tiered commission plan in the industry”. They don’t have any break down of what that means and you will have to call a representative to find out. That seems strange to me. Why keep it a secret?

As for the opportunity itself, they indicate that the wellness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, which it is, and that with the right share of the business, they will be a billion dollar business – which is true of all businesses in that industry.

They also mention they have a great deal of marketing material to aid the distributor in marketing their products and opportunity. Nothing new here or earth shaking either.

There is no information on the leadership of the company on their website, so we have no way of knowing if this leadership team has enough experience to lead this company to success. One would assume that with the Trump name, they would have accomplished people at the helm, and I’m sure that is the case. It would be nice to see who is running the show.

So, in conclusion, there really isn’t enough information to offer an informed opinion about Ideal Health, only conjecture. And, here it is. The product is not different enough to make this opportunity any better than the next wellness company, testing really isn’t that big of a deal, in my opinion. The compensation and leadership are both mysteries so there isn’t any help there as well.

Ideal Health Scam? Probably not, and the reason I give the nod in the direction of a legitimate business is solely on the Trump name. So, there you have it. Would I join this company? No, there is not enough information on the web page to get me to make a move in that direction.

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Dee L. Martin
Internet Marketing Coach

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